jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

Astral Sailors

Meanwhile, in the other side of the of the fantasy universe.. sci fi models are being summoned by 3D sculptors :D

Based on a 8 year old design/idea of bulky armored space expeditionary forces, here comes some WIPPP renders of the unit.

THe old design was a space suit + armor, however now i have added a 2nd stage/level which is space suit + exoskeleton.

Level 1: space suit (it has no weapon nor accesories yet) that consist in a suit with several layers, giving balistic protection, radiation protection, heat/cold protection and air purification gadget.

This suit is used , when no mayor treats are around, to explore new worlds, patrol known ones, or just to get out of the space ship to do repairs/maintenance.

Level 2: adds the exoskeleton, for MUCH higher strengh, load capacity, to use heavy tools/weapons, melee combat if needed and the structure itself gives some extra protection.

Level 3: via magnets, adds plates (10mm to 25mm thick) attached to the exoskeleton frames; these plates are for heavy duty tasks, heavy combat, special missions, only reserved for the genetically improved super humans soldiers that compose the Astral Corps.